Six advantages of injection moulding you probably didn’t know about

24 September 2021
Agboakiosime Imoudu

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process that allows the design and production of large volumes of parts. Using plastic injection moulding, you can repeatedly produce high-quality plastic parts. This production method enables you to minimize cost, produce plastic parts of varying shapes and colours through an environmentally friendly process, and ensure product consistency, among other benefits. 

Advantages of injection moulding 

1. Less waste 

Very little waste is generated during the injection moulding process. As a result, you lose very little of the original material. With this manufacturing method, eco-friendly companies can also recycle the scrap by regrinding and reintroducing it into the process. 

2. Fast production and high efficiency 

The injection moulding process is highly efficient. It allows the production of a large number of parts within a relatively short time. You can complete a typical production cycle in as little as 15 seconds. 

3. Low labour costs 

Injection moulding is an automated process. Much of the job is done by machines. You, therefore, do not require many hands to keep the process going. This then leads to relatively low production costs. 

4. Greater Strength 

During plastic injection moulding, you can reduce the density of the plastic by adding fillers to the moulding material. These fillers can increase the strength of the finished plastic part. 

5. Ability to produce different colours and shapes

With injection moulding, you can manufacture different types of plastics and with varying shapes and colours. The process gives you excellent colour control and the capacity to produce complex shapes. 

6. High repeatability

With one mould tool, you can make thousands and even millions of identical parts. You only need to ensure the proper use and maintenance of the mould tool. The high part repeatability makes it easy to maintain high product quality. 

Compared with other part production methods, like CNC machining, injection moulding results in very little waste. It also guarantees brand consistency since you can produce identical parts with ease. In addition to these benefits, it is encouraging to scale the whole production process since the price per unit drops as you produce more parts.