Your Shortcut to Choose the Best Scandinavian Doors in 2021

11 August 2021
Oreoluwa Lawal
Your Shortcut to Choose the Best Scandinavian Doors in 2021

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Scandinavian doors are tailored to fit the Scandinavian weather. But there’s more to this door commonly used in the area. It is expertly crafted with energy seals and a great aesthetic value. They are available in varying colours, styles, and sizes. They are also made from different materials. Here’s a list of wood materials used in making the doors.

Sibirian larch doors

The Sibirian larch is one of the most beautiful timber trees used in doors production. The tree is known for producing high-density and low moisture-absorbing doors. Also, the product colours range from yellow sand to golden brown. When it comes to pressure resistance, rot resistance, durability, and water resistance, the Sibirian larch is second to none.

Sapele doors

Doors made Spele are also hard and durable. It has unique characteristics of an attractive aroma that is repelling to insects. When dried, the material is highly stable, making it a good consideration for making front doors. If you are looking for painted doors, you should choose doors made from the material because Sapele has fine grains to allow painting.

Nordic pine doors

A tight growth ring, excellent fiber, and natural strength, yet soft with minimum density are what distinguish doors made from Nordic pine. It is your go-to door for all kinds of housing projects.

Oak doors

The Oak doors are characterized as long-lasting and durable. It is also fungal resistance with an average density of 0.70g/cm. When in contact with water, the material can stand the test of time. Frankly, Scandinavian doors made from the Oak trees are quality and remarkable.

Regardless of your budget and needs, you would find the best wooden doors to buy. It is not enough to decide to buy a door. Make sure to buy the door made from high-quality materials.