The 5 Valuable Link Building Types for SEO

08 August 2021
Amber Zia
The 5 Valuable Link Building Types for SEO

Links are crucial in SEO which is why the majority of blogs include them. Google gives preference to these links as it determines the authority of a website. Links are important for search engines to evaluate a domain. Let’s go over some primary links. 

Internal Link

Users see this link on a webpage which takes them to a different page of the same website. Internal links have the purpose to increase the time users stay on the website by redirecting them to more content. Resultantly, it boosts a website’s credibility which leads to high ranking. 

External link

These are also called outbound links which pull users to another website when they’re on a specific site. External links offer detailed explanations written by other creators and it’s the best way to increase high ranking. They are significant because Google knows external links can’t be used manipulatively. 



These links are formed by other websites on your site. If a website gains more backlinks, it becomes more credible and valuable. Backlinks or inbound links add worth in ranking on the SERP. Head over to this website to learn more. 


Natural link

This link is gained from other websites which you do not have to ask for. These links are only achieved if a website boasts exceptional content. It’s similar to how people give attention to celebrities. Other website owners feature another website’s content if they like it. 


Manually obtained link

These links are gained by effort. It’s done by speaking to different bloggers and website owners to link and feature your website. Usually, newcomers in the industry do this who want to gain exposure. But it’s imperative that a website has worthy content to make other websites share it. The websites with whom the source website is requesting need to be relevant as well.